A home away from home for anyone travelling for treatment

Travelling for treatment can add unnecessary strain to those affected by cancer. Cancer Council’s accommodation service removes some of this stress by offering a welcoming place to rest and recover

Making the near impossible possible, with a home away from home

With home located in rural Queensland, an 18-hour drive from his cancer treatment centre in Brisbane, Kurt Rose says he wouldn’t have known what to do without Cancer Council’s accommodation service. As a husband and father to three young children, being separated from his family was not an option.

I just didn't know what to do, and that scared me immensely.

Kurt Rose
Cancer Survivor

Instead of having to worry about the logistics involved with travelling such large distances and paying for expensive accommodation, Cancer Council’s accommodation service provided Kurt and his family with accommodation for three months during treatment, and overnight stays for his post-treatment check-ups.

In 2018, Cancer Council helped subsidise 106,725 nights of accommodation to those having to travel for treatment.

Accommodation services vary across the country. Cancer Council Queensland offers accommodation support lodges in self-contained units and studio-style apartments close to major hospitals and treatment facilities.

The venues are fantastic. From my kids’ perspective, it was great having them to be able to stay in the same place as you were recovering. The staff and the community were very supportive, and it made them not worries about what’s going on with Dad, but more about just being kids.

Kurt Rose
Cancer Survivor

A comfortable place to recover and receive support

Kurt credits Cancer Council’s accommodation service with “making the job of getting better so much easier.”

The support he received during his stay from volunteers and Cancer Council employees like Accommodation Services Coordinator, Carolyn, as well as other guests, was a crucial part of this.

Just talking to someone else in a similar boat that you just share stories with and have a chat. And having to be able to do that in a safe and supportive and nurturing environment, from a patient’s perspective, just makes the job of getting better so much easier.

Kurt Rose
Cancer Survivor

Carolyn believes that travelling to cancer treatment is challenging in its own right, which is why providing practical, social and emotional support by trained staff is so important.

Having those opportunities to involve yourself in the lodge where you feel connected and you feel heard and supported, that's invaluable.

Carolyn Leonard
Coordinator Administration & Accommodation Services, Cancer Council Queensland

Easier access to treatment

Thanks to your support, Cancer Council will continue providing lodging and subsidised accommodation services to those from remote areas undergoing cancer treatment.

Getting over cancer is a whole journey and knowing that there's a service there that you can access throughout that journey is just absolutely invaluable.

Kurt Rose
Cancer Survivor

Availability of our services varies around the country. To find out about support services for people affected by cancer in your local area, get in touch with your local Cancer Council or call 13 11 20.

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